My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 115 - The Little Tree Spirit Who Yearned for the Outside World

Chapter 115: The Little Tree Spirit Who Yearned for the Outside World

Seeing this ID, Mike was utterly stunned.

Second World always surprised people.

The mission that Mike had received long ago, The Missing Princess, had never been completed.

Because he was really clueless and did not know where to find the princess.

Not a single clue was given. It was much more difficult than finding a needle in the sea.

However, he did not expect to find the princess here by accident!

He suddenly became curious. How did the princess come here?

At this moment, the princess’s eyes were closed, as if she was sleeping.

The light from the Sword of Meredith shone on the princess’s face, causing her eyelashes to tremble slightly.

The next second, the princess slowly opened her eyes.

The moment she saw Mike, she subconsciously wanted to take a few steps back to keep a distance from him.

Unfortunately, she was already curled up in the corner, and there was no space for her to retreat even if she wanted to.

Seeing the nervous princess, Mike raised his hand and comforted her.

“Calm down, I’m not a bad person.”

Ummm, as if someone who had a notorious level honor points was not considered a bad person.

This sentence did make the princess calm down a little.

Only then did she finally see Mike’s face clearly.

Without fail, it was a human.

It really was a human.

After the princess sobbed slightly, two streams of tears flowed out of the corners of her eyes.

“You… are you here to save me? Am I really not dreaming?”

Mike smiled and said,

“Although the process is a little different from what I expected, that’s right, I am indeed here to save you.”

He could tell that the princess had not been having a good time recently.

This could be seen from her slightly sickly sense of thinness.

Mike actually wanted to ask, “Did you eat feces to survive during this period of time?”

However, this question was obviously inappropriate, so Mike could only forget about the desire to satisfy his curiosity.

He looked outside the cave and said,

“Alright, now that I’ve found you, let’s hurry back.”

After saying that, he reached out his hand and pulled the princess up, preparing to leave.

However, the princess who was pulled up by Mike said with a face full of worry,

“I really want to leave this place, but… now both of us might not be able to leave.”

“Why?” Mike asked curiously.

With his current strength, there was no one in Second World who could stop him.

The princess sighed and took out a green pass from her chest.

“You must have used this to enter.”

Mike looked at the Tree Spirit Village pass in the princess’s hand and nodded.

The princess looked disappointed and continued,

“The reason I ended up here was because of my curiosity after picking up this pass.

“In the end, I couldn’t leave after I arrived.

“Because this pass can only let us in, but it can’t let us out.”

As she said this, another tear fell from the corner of the princess’s eye, and she said regretfully,

“Why did I have to be so playful back then? Father must be very anxious now. I really want to go home…”

Mike did not pay attention to the princess’s muttering. Instead, he stroked his chin and asked with a serious expression,

“You just said that this pass can only let us in, but not take us out? Have you tried?”

The princess nodded.

“Yeah. At first, I did try to leave this place.

“But there are tree spirits guarding outside. They said that I’m too young and can’t leave the village. It’s very dangerous outside.

“Even if I want to leave this place quietly at night, the entire Tree Spirit Village will be covered in a strange thick fog.

“Once we enter the thick fog, no matter how we walk, we will eventually return here.”

Hearing this, Mike smiled and said,

“It’s fine. We can think of a way. Let’s come out first.”

After saying this, he took the princess’s hand and directly left the tree hole, walking toward the outside of the village.

When the little tree spirit saw Mike and the princess appear, it jumped up and down excitedly.

“Oh my god, it’s too magical.

“You actually brought her out. Quickly let her eat something.”

Hearing this, the princess immediately revealed a look of fear and was even nauseatic.

Mike waved his hands repeatedly.

“Forget about eating. I’ll bring her back first. She’s my lost sister. We still have our own home outside the Tree Spirit Village.”

A hint of doubt appeared on the princess’s face, but she quickly tried to hide it.

These were obviously lies, but there was no need to be honest at a time like this.

The little tree spirit clearly did not find anything odd.

After all, the two of them looked so much alike, so it was normal for them to be siblings.

It had been so many years since they had returned to the Tree Spirit Village, so it was normal for them to have a home outside.

“So you guys are going to go back and move your things over?”

The little tree spirit asked curiously.

Mike nodded repeatedly. “Yes, that’s right.”

Of course, this was another lie.

This lie easily convinced the little tree spirit.

It took the initiative to jump to the side, as if it was making way.

Mike also intended to walk away.

It did not seem as if there were any secrets here. Mike could probably just leave after visiting.

However, after a few steps, the little tree spirit’s next words made him stop.

“But, if you leave like this, you shouldn’t be able to get out, right?”

Mike turned his head and asked with narrowed eyes.

“Why not?”

He had heard this news from the princess just now, so he was not surprised.

He wanted to see if he could get any useful information from the little tree spirit.

Sure enough, the young and innocent little tree spirit immediately became like the “wise man” from before and spoke with confidence.

“If you want to leave this place, of course, you have to get the forest’s approval.

“As long as the forest thinks that you can survive after leaving this place, you can leave the Tree Spirit Village.”

“How can I get the forest’s approval?”

Mike immediately asked. Now, he had to deal with the problem at hand. He did not want to waste time.

The little tree spirit pointed to the depths of the village.

“Enter the secret realm in the village and endure the test.

“But they all say that it’s very dangerous. They won’t let me go near it when I play.”

At this point, the little tree spirit even showed an aggrieved look.

Mike smiled slightly.

“Thank you for telling us. We’ll be going now.”

When the little tree spirit heard this, he showed a surprised look and opened his mouth wide.

“Are you guys really going? You’re too brave!”

Mike smiled slightly and said nothing. Instead, he brought the princess deeper into the village.

At this moment, the little tree spirit whispered behind Mike.

“If only I could grow up faster and leave the village.”

Its face showed a hint of yearning, as if it was picturing its grown-up self leaving the village and exploring the outside world.

When Mike heard this, he frowned slightly and turned to look at the little tree spirit.

In truth, the outside world was not as beautiful as the little tree spirit had imagined.

Perhaps in the future, after it left the village, it would be like other tree spirits, brutally killed by the players.

Thinking of this, he suddenly had an idea and could not help but ask,

“Do you want to… leave with us?”