My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 114 - There Were Other Strange Tree Spirits?

Chapter 114: There Were Other Strange Tree Spirits?

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“Bring me back to the village?” Mike was slightly stunned.

‘Isn’t the village just ahead? Wouldn’t I be able to go there by myself?’

Seeing Mike’s reaction, the tree spirits started discussing again.

“It’s been too long since he last returned. He doesn’t remember anything. How pitiful.”

“Yeah, yeah. How pitiful.”

The tree spirit pointed to the front and said,

“You won’t be able to reach the village if you go that way. The tree spirit in front will block your path. It’ll be much more convenient for us to bring you there.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’ll be much more convenient.”

After hearing this explanation, Mike understood and agreed happily.

At the same time, Mike was also very curious.

If they knew that he had just killed one of their own kind, he did not know what they would think.

Of course, Mike would never say such a thing, there was no need to trouble himself.

With that, the few tree spirits took Mike all the way to the village.

On the way, a few trees stood up and asked about Mike.

After the tree spirits explained, the tree spirits joined the team that was sending Mike back to the village.

When they were about to reach the village, Mike looked back.

The forest behind him had opened up a path.

Yes, all the tree spirits along the way had joined in.

After sending Mike back, the tree spirits slowly walked back and rooted themselves.

Everything returned to its original appearance as if nothing had happened.

Mike could not help but sigh again.

These tree spirits were actually quite nice.

Unfortunately, as long as they left this forest and went to the outside world, the players would treat them as monsters that could be attacked.

All for the EXP and spoils of war.

Of course, Mike would not feel guilty about this.

Because the reason was very simple, these tree spirits would also attack the players once they were outside.

All of them had an aggro value setting.

Once the players were within a certain distance, these monsters would initiate an attack.

No one was right or wrong.

Perhaps there was some kind of mighty will in this world that affected this world.

Many settings were added to this world.

Such as aggro value, friendliness, and so on.

As for the purpose of this mighty will, no one knew.

Be it the players, the natives of Second World, or the monsters, they were all forced to become pawns.

As for whether he could only be a soldier or be able to charge to the front to become a queen, it would depend on one’s own ability and luck.

Thinking of this, Mike smiled helplessly.

These things were too vague. Why was he thinking so much?

What he needed to do was to live well in this life and try to increase his strength, so that he would not die in vain in future battles.

The rest was not something he needed to consider.


He withdrew his thoughts and looked at the village in front of him.

The trees here were very tall, much taller than the tree spirits outside the deep forest just now.

In the middle of each huge tree was a tree hole.

Mike walked forward curiously, wanting to see the situation in the village.

Or rather, he wanted to find a tree to see what was inside the hole.

Just as he poked his head into the hole, before he could clearly see the insides,?a small tree spirit jumped out.

“Who are you? Are you an intruder?”

Compared to the heavy and slow tree spirits, this young tree spirit was clearly much more agile.

It even looked a little cute as it bounced around.

Although it was not tall, a small green leaf had grown on the head of this small tree spirit.

Of course, Mike was not sure if it was its head.

Facing the small tree spirit’s questioning, Mike smiled and took out the Tree Spirit Village pass and said,

“Look carefully, I am not an intruder. I have a pass.”

The little tree spirit stared at the pass with curiosity and nodded.

“This is indeed a pass. It seems that you’re not an intruder.”

At this point, it muttered to itself.

“I didn’t expect to see a tree spirit like you again.”

When Mike heard this, he immediately asked,

“A tree spirit like me? What do you mean? Have you seen a tree spirit that looks like me before?”

Hearing Mike’s question, the little tree spirit became happy.

Usually, the little tree spirit often knew the least, and the other adult tree spirits knew more than it did.

It was not easy to be a “wise man” for a while, so it naturally had to try its best to show off.

“Of course I’ve seen it. That tree spirit is shorter and thinner than you, and seemed afraid of everyone.”

“How strange. We’re all tree spirits, so why is it afraid of us?”

After saying this, the little tree spirit pointed at a big tree in front of him.

“After she came back, she has been hiding in that tree. We gave her food, but she didn’t eat it. She didn’t even respond when we spoke to her. She only screamed loudly. What a strange tree spirit.”

The more Mike heard this, the more he felt that something was wrong.

Why did this tree spirit feel more like a human than a tree spirit?

He asked curiously,

“What kind of food did you give her?”

“Animal feces,” the little tree spirit replied matter-of-factly, blinking its big eyes.


Mike did not say anything.

It probably was a human.

To the tree spirit, animal feces were the best fertilizer. Of course, it represented food.

However, if it was a human...

When Mike thought of that scene, he felt disgusted.

He looked at the little tree spirit and said,

“Can you take me to see that strange tree spirit you mentioned? I think I might know her.”

The little tree spirit looked at Mike from head to toe and nodded.

“Alright, then I’ll take you to see her. See if you can persuade her to eat some food. If this continues, she’ll starve to death.”

Mike nodded repeatedly, but he did not think so in his heart.

‘Persuading a human to eat feces?

‘The other party will probably think that I’m a lunatic.”

Mike silently followed the small tree spirit’s hopping footsteps and slowly came to a large tree.

“This is the place. You can go in.”

The small tree spirit pointed at the tree hole.

Mike nodded and said,

“You go back first. I’ll talk to her alone.”

The little tree spirit did not think too much and immediately left the place.

After the little tree spirit was far away, Mike poked his head out to take a look at the tree hole.

It was dark inside, and he could vaguely see a figure curled up in a corner.

The light was too dark, so he could not have a clear view of the person inside.

He could only see a little of the other party’s skirt.

At least he could confirm that the other party was a human.

Mike thought for a moment, but in the end, he still went in.

Even if the other party was an aggressive creature, Mike did not have to worry about safety.

Right now, he only wanted to know who this strange tree spirit was.

In order to improve visibility, Mike took out the Sword of Meredith from his backpack.

The Sword of Meredith emitted a faint glow, and it brought a glimmer of light to the inside of the tree hole.

This allowed Mike to smoothly see the other party’s appearance.

However, this glance made Mike freeze on the spot.

Because he saw a line of Id.