My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 113 - he Mysterious Tree Spirit

Chapter 113: The Mysterious Tree Spirit Village, the Innocent Tree Spirits

[Pass to the Tree Spirit Village ]

[With this pass, you can go to the Elwyn Forest and reach the Tree Spirit Village.]

Mike looked at the paper made of a special green material in his hand with an interested expression.

Tree Spirits were not considered a mysterious race in Second World.

However, one thing was certain.

Their thinking was more intelligent than that of beasts.

In other words, they probably had their own civilization.

However, no one had ever located the Tree Spirit Village.

Many people thought that there was no Tree Spirits Village in Second World, to which most people agreed.

However, in reality?

Just because they had never seen it before, it did not mean that it did not exist.

Plus, Mike could visit it now.

In any case, he did not have anything specific to do now. Since he had obtained the pass to the Tree Spirit Village, he might as well go and broaden his horizons.

Thinking of this, Mike immediately set off and went straight to the Elwyn Forest.

The Elwyn Forest was actually not far from the City of Light.

A normal player could reach within a few minutes.

With the buff of Swift Steps, Mike’s movement speed was double that of a normal player, so he was naturally faster.

Soon, Mike arrived at the edge of the Elwyn Forest.

The moment he stepped into the forest, he saw a system notification.

[You have entered the Elwyn Forest territory.]

This was a very common system notification. When players entered a certain section, they would receive such a notification.

In fact, when players entered the Elwyn Forest, nothing would happen.

Though this time, a mysterious phenomenon happened.

Around him, some fog gradually appeared.

Moreover, it was getting thicker.

Mike soon realized that he was unable to look in further distances.

However, he could still see the closer places around him.

Of course, there were only trees.

Mike continued to walk forward.

Because of the thick fog, Mike was not even sure of his location.

He relied on his guts as he walked.

With his strength, he did not have to worry about any danger.

In Second World, no one would be able to hurt him.

However, after taking a few steps, Mike was surprised to find that the thick fog around him seemed to be fading away.

What was more surprising was that the environment around him was completely different from the Elwyn Forest in Mike’s memory.

Although it was also a forest, the forest that Mike was in now was obviously more ancient.

Many of the trees were tall and strong, and many vines were hanging from the branches.

This was a sight that would not be seen in the real Elwyn Forest.

‘It seems that I have reached the Tree Spirit Village.’

Mike thought to himself.

He continued walking for another short distance.

By this time, the fog had completely disappeared.

Mike’s vision was clearer now.

Some distance ahead, he seemed to be able to see some… houses?

Although it was called a house, it looked more like a tree. These trees were very thick, and there was a huge hole in the trunk as if it was an entrance to the house.

This was very strange.

‘Do Tree Spirits live in trees?’

Mike walked forward with curiosity.

After a few steps, a tree in front suddenly turned around and looked at Mike.

Yes, it was looking.

There was a pair of eyes and a mouth on the trunk of this tree.

“Are you… an intruder?!”

As soon as it said this, the surrounding trees turned around.

Each tree had a complete set of facial features.

They all looked at Mike with hostility.

If it were other players, they might feel a little nervous in this kind of situation.

After all, a tree spirit was not a creature that early-stage players could deal with.

However, Mike was not worried at all.

If he wanted to, he could kill all these tree spirits as he liked.

Though he wanted to see if something interesting could be triggered.

So, he took out the Tree Spirit Village pass from his backpack and said to the tree spirits in front of him,

“Hello, I’m not an intruder. This is my pass.”

As soon as he said that, the surrounding tree spirits were all stunned and quickly circled him.

That was right, they circled him.

They pulled out their roots from the ground and walked over step by step. Everyone looked at the Tree Spirit Village pass.

Few of the tree spirits started discussing subconsciously.

“It’s really a pass. This is so strange,” the tree spirit that appeared at the beginning said in puzzlement.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s so strange,” the other tree spirits echoed.

“But why doesn’t this guy look like us at all?” the tree spirit looked at Mike with a puzzled expression again.

“Yeah, yeah, he doesn’t look like us at all,” the other tree spirits chimed in as well.

The tree spirit looked at Mike and asked,

“Is this pass really yours?”

Mike nodded and said,

“Didn’t you see it with your own eyes just now? I took out this pass. If it’s not mine, then is it yours?”

When the tree spirit heard this, it quickly waved its branch and said,

“No, no, no, this isn’t my pass. I have my own pass.”

The other tree spirits also waved their branches and said,

“It’s not my pass either. I have my own pass too.”

They seemed to have recognized Mike’s identity.

Mike looked at these simple-minded tree spirits and could not help but smiled.

These guys’ thought process seemed really simple.

Regardless of your appearance, it seemed that they would believe that you were a tree spirit as long as you took out your pass.

In fact, this was a very reasonable point.

Because no outsiders had ever come to the Tree Spirit Village, that is to say, these tree spirits had never come into contact with outsiders.

It was understandable for them to be relatively simple-minded.

Moreover, the tree spirits were a race that loved peace.

Such a race would generally be a little more innocent.

After understanding this point, Mike was more able to accept this setting.

He smiled slightly and said,

“I left the Tree Spirit Village when I was very young. This is actually my first time back.”

Hearing this, the few tree spirits immediately started discussing in surprise.

“I didn’t expect it to be his first time coming back.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s really unexpected.”

After discussing for a while, the few tree spirits immediately concluded.

“Let us bring you back to the village.”