My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 112 - How Did a Wild Boss With 70% HP Suddenly Die?

Chapter 112: How Did a Wild Boss With 70% HP Suddenly Die?

Wild bosses were definitely one of the most important resources in Second World.

This was because wild bosses could drop many special items.

One of them was the guild token that Unhindered had mentioned before.

Other than guild tokens, equipment, skill books, and even hidden quest items could be dropped.

Therefore, in Second World, a wild boss would often be fought over by many large guilds, and it would eventually turn into a violent conflict.

This kind of behavior was definitely not allowed in reality.

However, in the game, strength was everything.

You could fight for anything!

As a 30-year-old veteran player, Mike naturally would not let go of this opportunity.

When you have an opportunity, seize it, especially if you have the ability to do so.

Mike knew this very well.

He immediately rushed forward and was prepared to join the battle.

At this time, the HP of the wild boss was already at 70%.

It seemed that this battle had been going on for some time.

Now, the boss belonged to a player called Silent Bullet.

The calculation method for the ownership of the boss was very simple.

Whoever dealt the highest damage would get the boss.

Moreover, of the 30% HP that the boss had lost, 5% of the damage was caused by Silent Bullet.

It did not sound like much, but compared to many people, it was considered very high.

Some people might have only dealt 0.05% of the damage.

Among them, many players had already started to do some bad things.

For example… if they killed Silent Bullet, then the boss’s ownership would have nothing to do with him.

This was very common in the battle for wild bosses.

Whoever managed to get the boss’s ownership not only had to face the boss’s pursuit but also had to be wary of other players’ attacks.

That was why wild bosses were so difficult to fight.

The battle was still going on. A few players were fighting the boss while stealthily approaching Silent Bullet.

The smart ones had already seen through their intentions. They all left this place and found another angle to continue attacking the boss.

There were also some idiots who did not notice the subtle changes on the battlefield and continued to attack the boss.

Among them, Silent Bullet was obviously not an idiot.

He had long noticed that some players were quietly approaching him.

He had been mentally prepared and could counterattack at any time.

However, at this moment, an unexpected situation occurred.

The Tree Spirit King suddenly roared and threw two arm-like branches.

Of course, this attack did not hit Silent Bullet. He dodged it very easily.

However, to his horror, a few vines actually grew from the ground and bound his legs tightly.

‘It’s over!’ Silent Bullet thought to himself.

This was simply the best opportunity for the players who wanted to attack him.

In fact, those players had indeed seized this opportunity.

Without any verbal communication, a few people immediately rushed over and prepared to attack Silent Bullet.

As a sharpshooter, if several people were to close the distance, it was undoubtedly a dead end.

Silent Bullet was already prepared as he closed his eyes.

However, at this moment, the Tree Spirit King suddenly roared and fell to the ground.

Moreover, its corpse quickly withered and finally turned into ashes.

Seeing this scene, everyone around stopped what they were doing as if they had turned into fossils.

What happened?

Why did this wild boss suddenly disappear?

Was it dead?

The last question was actually something that only an idiot would be confused about.

Because the loot on the ground clearly explained everything.

The Tree Spirit King had indeed been killed!

Many players swarmed forward, trying to pick up the equipment on the ground.

However, they could not pick it up.

[The item has been claimed.]

One after another, the same prompt appeared before the eyes of the players.

Sure enough, the boss was killed.

However, it seemed impossible!

The boss still had about 70% HP, how could it be killed?

They subconsciously looked at Silent Bullet.

Unfortunately, Silent Bullet himself did not know what had happened.

Just a moment ago, he was struggling to even keep his own life.

How could he kill a boss with 70% HP in an instant?

Just when everyone was confused about the situation, a figure calmly walked to the center of the crowd and began to pick up the loot on the ground one by one.

At this moment, everyone looked over and widened their eyes.

“You are… God Slayer?!”

That was right, it was Mike.

The reason why the wild boss with 70% HP suddenly died was because of Mike’s attack.

Moreover, this attack was invisible to everyone.

Because Mike had a special skill, Shadow Strike!

[Shadow Strike (god-tier passive enhancement): attack power increased by 2,000%. No attacking actions would be needed and the attack could not be blocked (guaranteed hit).]

Without any attack movement, what did it mean?

It meant that Mike did not need to make any movements at all. He only needed to change his weapon into the Gun of Meredith.

Using a weapon in the form of a gun, he could launch an attack from a long distance.

Mike did not need to complete any attack movements.

As a result, he now only needed one look to kill.

Of course, if the weapon in Mike’s hand was a sword, then he could not kill someone directly if he was a distance away.

Not having an attack movement did not mean that he did not need to launch an attack.

In fact, Mike did attack, just that his body did not move.

Well, it was such a magical skill.

Under everyone’s gaze, Mike picked up all the loot on the ground.

Everyone’s eyes revealed a hint of greed.

After all, it was the loot of a wild boss. There must be something good.

It was impossible to say that they did not want it.

However, they only dared to watch.

Snatching the loot from God Slayer?

Only a crazy person would do that.

No one dared to provoke him.

Moreover, God Slayer had instantly killed a wild boss with 70% HP.

Such an occurrence was enough for people to call Mike a “monster”.

In the end, no one dared to move. They could only watch as Mike left.

Mike looked at the loot in his bag and a smile grew on his face.

He did not expect to get such a good item.