My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 111 - God Slayer Was Only a Human

Chapter 111: God Slayer Was Only a Human

After obtaining this answer, Unhindered finally let go of Mike’s arm.

If others were unwilling to join, doing so would only make them to feel disgusted.

In the end, he changed his approach.

“If you change your mind, you can come and find me anytime.

“Also, if you have good equipment like this in the future, you can contact me anytime. I’m willing to buy as many as you want.

“Also, if you get the guild token, I’m willing to pay extra to buy it from you.”

When Mike heard this, he glanced at him and nodded. Then, he left with The World’s Greatest Sword Hero.

It had to be said that Unhindered had a pretty good attitude.

Under the premise that he did not lower himself, he gave Mike enough respect.

Moreover, even if he was rejected, he was willing to continue working with Mike.

Mike was indeed moved by his sincerity.

However, he was really unwilling to join.

On one hand, it was because Mike did not want to listen to other people’s orders.

On the other hand, even if Mike wanted to join the guild, he would give priority to Super Rich’s guild.

After all, Super Rich had invited him first.

No matter if it was their cooperation or their mutual understanding, he would definitely give priority to Super Rich’s guild.

Mike would not consider joining Unhindered’s guild at all.

However, cooperation could still be maintained.

After all, Super Rich would not buy these pieces of blue equipment.

He had better options. How could he be interested in these mid-tier items?

Mike still needed to find someone to sell these pieces of blue equipment.

Obviously, Unhindered would be a very suitable partner.

After completing the transaction, a large amount of gold coins appeared on Mike.

That was right, close to 600,000 gold coins.

He immediately initiated the transaction with The World’s Greatest Sword Hero.

Knowing his master’s habits, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero did not refuse and chose to agree to the transaction.

Then, he saw the gold coins on the trading bar and was completely stunned.

One zero, two zeros, three zeros, four zeros…

Five zeros?


The World’s Greatest Sword Hero was shocked.

He immediately canceled the transaction and stood there, afraid to speak.

Mike asked in puzzlement,

“Why did you cancel the transaction?”

Faced with his master’s question, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero could only stammer and answered,

“Master… you gave… too much.”

His nervousness made him stutter a little.

Mike smiled and said,

“This bit of money is nothing to me.”

After saying that, he once again made a trade request.

However, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero once again refused.

This made Mike a little surprised.

His little disciple, who usually listened to everything he said, unexpectedly insisted this time.

“I’m sorry, master. These gold coins are too much. I can’t accept them.”

Mike thought for a moment and said,

“In that case, I’ll give you 10%. That should be fine, right?”

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero scratched his head and nodded in agreement.

However, the transaction still made him a little nervous.

10% did not sound like much.

Though 10% of 600,000 gold coins was a total of 60,000 gold coins!

If these gold coins were sold on the forum, he could earn tens of thousands of federation coins.

This was a huge sum of money for The World’s Greatest Sword Hero.

He wanted to reject Mike again.

However, Mike saw through his thoughts in advance and took the initiative to say,

“We agreed on 10% just now. You can’t go back on your word.”

Hearing his master’s words, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero opened his mouth but no words sounded.

In the end, he still agreed to the trade.

“Alright, since the equipment has been sold out, I’ll go back to work now. You can play by yourself for a while.”

Mike said very casually and then prepared to leave.

At this time, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero suddenly called out to him from behind.


Mike turned his head in confusion and then froze on the spot.

Because he actually saw The World’s Greatest Sword Hero… cry.

No doubt, a big and tall man was actually crying.

Mike said nothing and just looked at the man in front of him quietly.

After a moment, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero solemnly bowed and said,

“Thank you very, very much!”

Seeing this scene, Mike suddenly felt a little sour in his nose.

He waved his hand and said,

“That’s enough. Why are you crying? Hurry up and get lost.”

With that said, he ran away nervously.

Mike walked all the way to a tree outside the city before he stopped.

He looked up at the sky and suddenly felt a hint of bitterness in his heart.

He was just like this disciple of his.

He did not have great talent, and his family was poor.

No matter how one looked at it, he was just the most inconspicuous person in this world.

However, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero met him.

In his previous life, he had never met such a master.

If he had met such a master in his previous life, he would not have had such a hard time.

He could completely understand why The World’s Greatest Sword Hero would cry.

If it were him, he would probably cry too..

He laughed at himself.

He was clearly a “God Slayer”, but he was also very fragile at times.

In the end, no matter how scary his ID was, he was still a human.

Mike took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions.

He did not need to think about these sad things anymore.

He could just treat the things in his previous life as a dream, or he could treat the things in this life as a dream.

In this life, he had to be strong, he could not leave any regrets, and he had to live a better life!

As for that disciple…

Mike would still treat him well. After all, this disciple was very respectful and obedient to him.

Now that Mike was helping him, he felt as if he was helping his old self.

Thinking of this, Mike decided to bring his disciple to level up if he had the time.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that the players around him seemed to be moving oddly.

They seemed to be moving in a specific direction.

Mike looked in that direction and frowned slightly.

“There… is there something there?”

Since he did not have anything particularly important to do now, he might as well follow and take a look.

That was Mike’s thought.

With Swift Steps, it was very easy for Mike to follow these people.

Soon, he saw a large group of players on the plains in front of him.

Mike was slightly stunned, and then his eyes lit up.

Because there was actually a huge tree spirit in the middle of the players.

That was the level 32 boss, Tree Spirits King!

Wild boss!