My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 110 - Unhindered’s Invitation

Chapter 110: Unhindered’s Invitation

Hearing this, Mike finally opened his eyes.

The tall man in front of him was looking down at him.

[ID: Unhindered]

He was a monk class player.

That was right, this was a special hidden class and special methods were required to change into the monk class.

The weapon used was a long staff, just like a battle-type mage.

Mike raised his eyebrows and said,

“Are you serious?”

Unhindered’s expression did not change at all. He answered seriously,

“I don’t have time to joke around.”

“Very good.”

Mike liked this type of people the most.

Doing business was doing business. Being direct could save both parties a lot of time.

Mike also calculated seriously.

“I still have 118 pieces of equipment here.

“Since you will buy all of them, I won’t calculate the difference between weapons and armor. All of them cost 5,000 gold coins each.

“118 pieces, that’s a total of 590,000 gold coins. I don’t accept federation currency transactions.”

After hearing this number, the people around were shocked.

They only knew that the equipment was very expensive, but they had never thought that it would cost 590,000 gold coins.

This was an astronomical number for the players in the new region.

However, Unhindered showed no hesitation and immediately nodded.

“Give me ten minutes.”

After saying that, he stood still.

Mike did not say anything and closed his eyes again.

He knew that the man before him must have gone to the forum to buy gold coins.

After all, no one would have so many gold coins on themselves.

Under normal circumstances, many transactions could be completed with federation coins.

However, Mike stated that he would only accept gold coins, thus Unhindered had no choice.

He could only go and purchase gold coins.

As time passed, not only did the number of people around them not decrease, it actually increased by a lot.

Some people came to watch the show.

There were also some people who rushed over to see if there were any suitable equipment for them.

However, when they heard that the monk in front of them had reserved all the equipment, they gave up.

It was not that they could not buy.

According to the rules of Second World, before others completed the transaction, anyone could spend money to buy the goods from the stall.

These people just did not want to cause trouble for themselves.

After all, as soon as he opened his mouth, this monk intended to make a transaction that was worth almost 600,000 gold coins.

With such wealth, normal players could not afford to offend him.

After 10 minutes, Unhindered opened his mouth again.

“Alright, we can start the trade.”

Mike opened his eyes and started the trade with Unhindered.

The other party did not hesitate at all. He did not even blink his eyes as he placed 590,000 gold coins into the trade bar.

One had to know that a single trade could only place 10 pieces of equipment at most.

In other words, if Mike wanted to rip him off, he could simply go offline after the first transaction.

In that case, Unhindered would only be able to obtain 10 pieces of equipment and lose all his gold coins.

However, it was clear that Unhindered was not worried about this matter.

Mike also had some slight admiration for his generosity.

Of course, he would not do such a shameful thing. After receiving the gold coins, he immediately stuffed all the equipment to Unhindered in batches.

When Unhindered had received 60 pieces of equipment.

He told Mike that he needed to go to the warehouse and asked Mike to wait here for a while.

Then, he left directly without worrying that Mike would escape.

After five minutes, Unhindered returned to complete the transaction.

After the 118 pieces of equipment were all sold, Mike stood up again.

Since the equipment had been sold out, there was no need for him to stay here.

However, Unhindered stretched out his hand to stop him.

Seeing that his path was blocked, Mike frowned slightly and asked,

“Is there anything else?”

Unhindered looked at Mike seriously and said word by word,

“I want to invite you to join my guild. You can ask for whatever treatment you want.”

When they heard this, the surrounding players were in an uproar.

‘Hasn’t it only been a few days since the opening of this new region?

‘There’s already a guild?’

Mike looked at the space above Unhindered and showed a weird expression.

Other than his ID, it was empty.

After creating a guild, the name of the guild would be above the player’s ID.

Obviously, Unhindered did not have a guild.

“Are you joking?”

Mike asked.

It was normal for him to ask this.

A player without a guild inviting him to join their guild, if this was not a joke, then what was?

However, Unhindered shook his head seriously.

“I’m not joking, I’m serious.

“I’ve already sent people to fight for the guild token, and I’ve also posted on the forum. Whoever is willing to sell the guild token, I’m willing to pay one million for it.

“So, it’s only a matter of time before a guild is established. Are you willing to join?”

Unhindered’s words were full of seriousness. At the very least, people could feel that he was not joking.

Everyone knew that in order to establish a guild, one had to have a guild token.

However, the method to obtain a guild token was extremely harsh.

Only by continuously killing wild bosses would there be a chance of a guild token being dropped.

Moreover, the probability was very low.

It might be possible to obtain it by killing hundreds of wild bosses.

Furthermore, the respawn rate of wild bosses was extremely irregular. No one could guarantee where the next wild boss would respawn.

Therefore, no one could be sure when the guild token would appear.

However, he had invited Mike to join the guild in advance and said words such as “you can ask for any treatment you want”.

This sentence could basically be understood as, even if the guild had not been created, as long as you agreed to join, I would be willing to pay.

This could be considered as a very sincere attitude.

However, Mike gave an answer that he could not understand.

“Sorry, I refuse.”

After saying that, Mike was ready to leave.

This time, Unhindered was utterly upset.

He frowned and stopped Mike.

“Why? Can you give me a reason?”

Being blocked for the second time, Mike scowled.

“I, God Slayer, never need to explain myself to others.”

In an instant, everyone around did not dare to make a sound.

It had to be said that if it was someone else who said this, they would only treat it as a joke.

Though if it was God Slayer…

He had the right to say such words, and everyone believed that he had the strength to act this way.