My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 109 - : I Can’t Rob, so I Can Only Sell Equipment to Earn Gold Coins

Chapter 109: I Can’t Rob, so I Can Only Sell Equipment to Earn Gold Coins

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Seeing that God Slayer also took out 60 pieces of equipment, everyone immediately understood.

It seemed that all these pieces of equipment were all the work of God Slayer.

If 60 pieces of blue equipment appeared at the same stall could shock the entire new region.

Then, the appearance of 120 pieces of blue equipment at the same time would shock the entire Second World.

This news would quickly startle those big shots in the big region and made them question their own lives.

“Where did God Slayer get so many pieces of equipment?”

Many people had conflicting emotions.

That was.

120 pieces of blue equipment appearing simultaneously time was a very ridiculous thing.

However, if it was related to the God Slayer, it was not that ridiculous.

Nevertheless, even if it was God Slayer who did it, they still could not figure out how it was done.

They only knew that this was reality.

However, even if the big shots in the big region were quickly alerted, it was meaningless.

Because they could not appear in the new region to buy the equipment.

In the end, Mike had to wait for the rich people in the new region to buy the equipment.

Many people came to ask about the price, but Mike was not very interested.

He had lived for decades in his previous life,?hence at a glance, he could differentiate between those who actually wanted to buy the equipment and those who were just curious.

Obviously, these were just people who were making casual inquiries.

However, since he had already set up a stall to do business, Mike could not ignore others.

He gave a standard answer.

“5,000 gold coins for each item, 8,000 gold coins for weapons and shields.

“Only gold coins, not federation coins. If you don’t have gold coins, think of a way yourself.”

To be honest, this price was not considered expensive, and it was even a little cheap.

Anyone who could afford it would think so.

However, when the people present heard this number, they were still in an uproar.

At the very least, the price of 5,000 gold coins was still fairly high for an ordinary player.

An ordinary player would most likely have no more than 1,000 gold coins on them. Provided they had been thinking of ways to earn gold coins and saving them up.

A small number of players who had obtained good items that were of no use and sold them would probably have a little more gold coins.

Most of the players who had obtained more than this number of gold coins probably spent money buying them.

After all, Second World was too important to people. Spending money to buy gold coins was not unreasonable.

Therefore, these 120 pieces of equipment could definitely be sold.

However, it would take a longer time.

Mike sat on the spot and rested while he waited for the customers to come.

While waiting, his experience bar was also increasing bit by bit.

The higher the level, the more experience he would need to level up.

Even if Mike had the Good at Learning (god-tier passive enhancement) buff and gained double the experience that others would.

It still took time to gain experience.

At least within the next short period of time, Mike would not level up.

After all, the clone was not an adventurer. It could not enter dungeons, so it could only level up by fighting wild monsters.

Moreover, it had to be careful and avoid other players. This was to prevent it from accidentally killing players and making Mike a Red Name.

It was inevitable that he would not level up that quickly.

However, for Mike, these experience points were obtained without any effort, so there was nothing to be picky about.

To be precise, this clone was already a very powerful skill.

Mike was very satisfied with it.

Of course, it would be even better if the clone could find a way to get rid of the equipment on its own.

However, this was obviously impossible because the clone could not trade, and other players could not see the existence of the clone.

He could only sell it himself.

After waiting for a full 20 minutes, Mike finally welcomed his first real customer.

The customer was a male magician with an ID called Blue Blizzard.

He was standing in front of Mike and The World’s Greatest Sword Hero’s booth, carefully choosing the goods.

Obviously, this player only had enough gold coins on him to buy one or two pieces.

Therefore, he needed to carefully select the most suitable equipment for him.

Not every player was like Super Rich, who could spend a large sum of money to buy a bunch of equipment without batting his eyes.

If normal players were to spend so much money on a piece of equipment, they definitely had to choose carefully.

Many times, a minor flaw was enough to make them give up on the trade.

After all, gold coins were very difficult to obtain.

After choosing for 10 minutes, he finally paused.

“Hello, I want to buy these two pieces of equipment. Can you give me a discount?”

Blue Blizzard asked hesitantly after choosing two pieces of equipment.

Mike raised his eyes and looked at the two pieces of equipment.

They were both blue cloth armor.

One was a pair of shoes that increased movement speed and reduced mana consumption.

The other was a pair of bracers that increased casting speed and intelligence.

These were all important attributes for a mage.

Mike looked at the player and confirmed that he was serious about buying it. He nodded and said,

“Two pieces for 9,000 gold coins.”

This price was still not cheap for an ordinary player.

However, relative to the value of these two pieces of equipment, it was very cheap.

Blue Blizzard understood this very well, so he gritted his teeth and agreed to trade.

The trade was completed smoothly, and the 9,000 gold coins arrived.

After buying the equipment, Blue Blizzard seemed to have settled his worries. He heaved a sigh of relief and brought the equipment to the warehouse.

His current level was only level 28, and it was not enough for him to use equipment that was level 30 and above.

Therefore, he was now going to store the two pieces of equipment. He would wait until he had leveled up for two more levels before taking them out and using them.

Many people did this.

If he encountered a suitable piece of equipment, even if he could not use it now, he would buy it in advance and use it in the future.

After all, the probability of obtaining better equipment during this process was very low.

Even if he really managed to get it, at most, he would need to spend some time to sell it.

In any case, he only spent 9,000 gold coins to buy these two pieces of equipment. At that time, he would not make a loss even if he sold them.

The first transaction was successfully completed just like that.

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero looked very happy, but Mike closed his eyes and quietly waited for the next customer to come to his door.

If it were not for the fact that he did not have many gold coins on him, he would not have taken the time to set up this stall.

The salary promised by the king could only be received by next week at the very least.

The expenses for this week could only be earned by selling equipment.

He could not rob again, right?

Mike waited peacefully for another 30 minutes.

Finally, a big customer came.

A tall player appeared in front of the booth and attracted everyone’s attention as soon as he opened his mouth.

“Hello, I want all these pieces of equipment.”