My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 108 - After 60 Pieces of Blue Equipment Came Another 60 Pieces

Chapter 108: After 60 Pieces of Blue Equipment Came Another 60 Pieces

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero scratched his head in confusion.

How many pieces of equipment could there be?

‘Last time, I sold many pieces of equipment for more than 30,000 gold coins. In total, it took me more than an hour.

‘How many more pieces can there be this time?’

His thoughts were still a little too simple.

When Mike started trading with him, he was dumbfounded.

A single trade could only store a maximum of ten slots of items.

For items like potions, one slot could store many bottles as they could be stacked.

However, it was different for equipment. Each slot could only store one item.

Plus, when Mike traded, he directly traded ten pieces of equipment.

All of them were blue!

When The World’s Greatest Sword Hero saw so many pieces of blue equipment, he was completely dumbfounded.

However, that was not all.

After he completed the transaction and received many pieces of blue equipment, Mike immediately started the second transaction.

There were also ten pieces of blue equipment.

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero stood rooted to the ground and stuttered,

“Master… this equipment…”

Mike nodded and said,

“Sell them all. Hurry up and accept them. Don’t waste time. There are still many more.”

‘There are still many more?’

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero was stunned again.

These were blue equipment!

Furthermore, none of them were below level 30.

‘Where did master get so much blue equipment?’

It took a total of 6 transactions for all equipment to be traded.

When all 60 pieces of blue equipment were transferred into The World’s Greatest Sword Hero’s backpack, Mike asked him to go to the entrance of the palace to sell the equipment.

Mike stayed there.

He realized that the starting storage space was insufficient.

He had to upgrade it.

He looked at the warehouse manager.

“I want to upgrade the warehouse.”

Then, a list appeared in front of Mike.

Each upgrade could add ten slots.

The first upgrade cost 1 gold coin.

The second upgrade cost 10 gold coins.

The third upgrade cost 100 gold coins.

It goes on.

Mike looked at the number of gold coins in his hand, thought for a moment, and directly upgraded it five times.

He spent 11,111 gold coins to expand the storage to 110 slots.

“This should be enough, right?”

Mike thought so.

However, in the next moment, something unexpected happened.

His clone quickly ran over from afar.

It was twice the speed of an ordinary player.

Because Mike’s clone had the special effect of invisibility, no one else could see it.

Though Mike could see it clearly.

A terrifying thought arose in his mind.

‘Wait, is this guy…’

The next moment, the clone came to the warehouse and dumped all the equipment in his backpack into the warehouse.

Then, he immediately went back the way he came.

The corner of Mike’s eyes twitched twice, and he looked at the warehouse.

Well, the warehouse that had just been emptied now had 60 more blue equipment.

This was too ridiculous.

He finally understood why he had not gained any experience since he came online.

Because the command that he had set up had a flaw.

At that time, the command that Mike had set for his clone was:

First, try to increase the efficiency of gaining experience, which was to find and kill as many high-level monsters as possible.

Second, other players are not allowed to be harmed throughout the process.

Third, pick up all the equipment above blue quality and send them to the warehouse.

These orders looked perfect and flawless.

However, there was a problem when they were actually executed.

That was, Mike did not prioritize these orders properly.

This resulted in the clone fighting monsters and storing all the equipment in the warehouse.

When the warehouse was full, the clone could only store the equipment in his backpack.

However, what if the backpack was full too?

The clone would standstill.

This was because Mike’s order was very clear. All equipment above blue quality had to be picked up.

If the clone continued to fight monsters, it might violate this order.

Therefore, the clone stopped working.

No matter how intelligent the clone was, it would only work within the range of the order.


Looking at the back of the clone, Mike sighed.

If it were other players who had obtained 120 pieces of blue equipment, they would probably be ecstatic.

This was blue equipment!

Each piece of equipment could provide a huge improvement.

Even if one could not use it, the equipment could be sold for a very high price!

This was a huge fortune for ordinary players.

However, for Mike, this was a burden.

Because, if he wanted to make money, he could just forge some gold equipment.

The money he could make from selling these pieces of equipment was too little for Mike. It was not worth the time.

However, if he did not sell it, it would be a waste.

He could not just leave blue equipment obtained from battles unattended right?

If that was the case, other players would probably go outside and pick up blue equipment after his clone.

If other players could just pick up blue equipment on the road, it would definitely cause the value of the equipment to drop drastically.

This was something that Mike did not want to see.

So, the equipment had to be picked up.

Moreover, he had to sell them.

This was because storing the equipment here would occupy Mike’s warehouse. This was not something Mike wanted.

After thinking about it, Mike realized that there was a drawback to having a large number of clones fighting monsters.

Although this drawback was a great thing for countless players, Mike was a little troubled by it.

“I have no choice. I’ll sell them too. I can’t just leave them in the warehouse…”

Mike sighed and carried the 60 pieces of equipment to the palace.


As soon as he walked near the palace, Mike noticed that there were already a lot of players around.

Many people had discovered The World’s Greatest Sword Hero’s stall.

To be honest.

Not to mention the 60 pieces of blue equipment, even the appearance of two pieces of blue equipment at the same time was enough to shock ordinary players.

They would naturally be very interested.

Regardless of whether they bought it or not, the players did not seem to have any intention of leaving.

They were very curious. Where did The World’s Greatest Sword Hero get so much blue equipment?

At the same time, they were also very curious, who would come and buy so much good equipment?

Very soon, someone noticed Mike.

“Everyone, get out of the way, God Slayer is here.”

“Oh my god, it’s really God Slayer. I’m his fan!”

“Could he be here to buy the equipment?”

“If it’s God Slayer, he should be able to afford so much blue equipment.”

Many people could not help but start discussing.

After all, the information spread very quickly. Many people already knew that there was someone selling a large number of blue equipment at the entrance of the palace.

It was natural for God Slayer to rush over to buy it after receiving the news.

However, something surprising happened.

God Slayer did not buy any equipment. Instead, he sat down beside the booth of The World’s Greatest Sword Hero and opened another booth.

Moreover, he was also selling 60 pieces of blue equipment.

A big question mark appeared on the heads of all the nearby players.

‘Did you rob a Dwarve’s blacksmith’s shop?’