My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 107 - A Warehouse Full of Blue Equipment!

Chapter 107: A Warehouse Full of Blue Equipment!

After returning to his new home, Mike went straight to his room and laid on his bed with his eyes closed.

He did not log into Second World directly. Instead, he wanted to take a short break and think about what he should do next.

After going through a test at school today, Mike discovered something very important.

That was, even if he had left Second World, his clone would not.

It would continue to harvest experience points in Second World.

This was simply a bug-like ability. It was too terrifying.

With this in mind, Mike realized that he did not need to deliberately level up anymore.

This was because he already had a 24-hour experience harvesting machine.

If the clone cared about nothing besides reaping the maximum amount of experience, Mike would probably be above level 50 by now.

However, when Mike set up the command, he added a lot of details.

For example, it could not cause a negative impact on Mike.

In this way, the clone would not be able to randomly attack places that had players.

Because this would likely make Mike become a Red Name.

Special high-level areas would not be released for the time being.

Only when the average level of the players in the new region gradually increased would they be slowly released.

Therefore, the places where the clone could go were actually very limited.

In other words, Mike’s leveling speed had not reached the highest speed yet.

However, it could still be considered very fast.

In that case, he really did not need to care too much about leveling up.

Then, what should he do…

Mike thought about what he should be doing, but he still could make a decision.

After all, he owed too many missions, so he did not know which mission to start with.

‘Since that was the case, I might as well log into Second World first.’

Mike thought so.

The next moment, he closed his eyes.


When he opened his eyes again, Mike had already appeared at the entrance of the palace.

When the two guards saw Mike, they immediately greeted him respectfully.

“Hello, Commander God Slayer.”

Mike nodded slightly.

What made him slightly uncomfortable was that the NPCs still looked at him strangely.

Of course, this was not because of Mike’s sudden appearance.

In fact, it was no secret that adventurers would suddenly disappear and reappear after a period of time.

All the NPCs had long accepted this matter.

The reason why they looked at Mike strangely was mainly because of Mike’s current honor points.

[Honor points: -526,400]

[Honor level: notorious]

Yes. Mike’s honor points had not risen back yet, and he was still notorious.

In other words, when these NPCs looked at Mike, their mentality was still the same, ‘This was a great villain worthy of respect.’

They looked at him with the strangest gazes.

Mike rubbed his head helplessly.

Normally, the process of obtaining honor points was actually very slow.

If one wanted to quickly obtain a large number of honor points, they would probably have to wait for the war to start.

As long as he participated in the war and contributed to the war, he would obtain a lot of honor points.

As for how much he could obtain, it would depend on how much he contributed.

Mike was naturally not worried about this.

After all, he could easily kill a large number of enemies.

When that time came, his honor points would be quickly recovered.

As for now…

Mike saw his private message bar flashing.

When he opened the private message bar, he saw his disciple, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero.

[The World’s Greatest Sword Hero: Good morning, master.]

Mike nodded slightly.

Although he had not taught his disciple anything yet, he was very respectful to him.

At least every time he went online, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero would take the initiative to greet him.

Mike even suspected that this guy did not do anything purposeful all day and just waited for him to go online.

He immediately replied to his disciple.

[Come to the warehouse of City of Light.]

Then, he closed the private message and walked over.

The previous order given to the clone was to put any equipment that was blue or above into the warehouse.

Now, Mike wanted to see how much he had saved.

If possible, he could ask his disciple to set up a stall to sell the equipment, which could be considered a small income.

Of course, Mike would still give half of the equipment to his disciple.

Mike was not a black-hearted boss. He would not treat his disciple as free labor. This kind of thing was too much. Mike could not do it.

After all, before his rebirth, Mike was just an insignificant person.

He knew very well how hard it was for people at the bottom of society to live and how difficult it was to earn some money.

Therefore, he actually treated The World’s Greatest Sword Hero pretty good.

Soon, Mike arrived at the warehouse.

Coincidentally, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero also arrived at the same time. It seemed that his original position was not far from here.

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero wanted to be like before, enthusiastically waving his hand to greet his master.

He felt that it was an act of respect toward his master.

However, Mike’s gaze stopped him in time.

When The World’s Greatest Sword Hero obediently came in front of Mike, Mike finally let out a sigh of relief.

That kind of behavior was too stupid. The people around him would look at him with strange gazes.

The World’s Greatest Sword Hero took the initiative to ask,

“Master, do you have any orders for me?”

Mike nodded slightly and pointed at the warehouse.

“I have some equipment here. You can sell it.”

“Oh.” The World’s Greatest Sword Hero did not have any objection to this matter. In fact, he was even a little happy.

After all, his master had given him a lot of money when he asked him to sell the equipment last time.

Not only could he help his master, but he could also earn money. Naturally, The World’s Greatest Sword Hero was very happy.

Mike smiled slightly. After opening the warehouse, his smile froze.

He was silent for ten whole seconds. He stood in front of the chest in the warehouse without moving.

Only he could see what was in his warehouse.

The others could only see an empty chest.

That was why The World’s Greatest Sword Hero was very confused.

What was wrong with his master?

At this moment, Mike was very surprised.

Because the equipment actually maximized his warehouse’s capacity.

That was right, all 60 spots in the warehouse were all blue equipment.

The corner of Mike’s eyes twitched twice. He muttered to The World’s Greatest Sword Hero for a moment and said,

“I’ll change the wording. It’s not that I have some equipment, but… a lot.

“Well, you might take some time to sell them.”