My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 106 - Mike Might Very Well Be God Slayer!

Chapter 106: Mike Might Very Well Be God Slayer!

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After saying this, Mike left the headmaster’s office and went straight back to the classroom.

As for Teacher Peter, Edward signaled him with his eyes and asked him to stay.

After the door closed, only Headmaster Edward and Teacher Peter were left in the office.

Since there was no one else, Headmaster Edward went straight to the point.

“Teacher Peter, I have a bold idea that needs your opinion.”

Teacher Peter was slightly stunned and nodded.

“Headmaster, please speak.”

Edward frowned slightly and looked serious. He looked straight at Teacher Peter and said in a low voice,

“I suspect that student Mike is the recently famous God Slayer.”

“God Slayer?!”

Teacher Peter was slightly startled and almost cried out in surprise.

Only after Edward’s signal did he manage to hold back his urge of wanting to scream.

Teacher Peter’s eyes widened.

He had never thought that this student of his, who he felt regretful for, would be the super player God Slayer who had caused a lot of trouble in the new region.

However, after hearing it from Edward, the more Teacher Peter thought about it, the more likely it seemed.

He lowered his head and thought seriously and seemed to be talking to himself.

“If that’s the case, it seems possible...

“Mike has a divine artifact, and God Slayer has done so many incredible things.

“If there’s no divine artifact, how can God Slayer be so powerful...”

Teacher Peter clearly thought of the most famous thing related to God Slayer.

It was the feat of successfully clearing the 100th floor of the Tower of Challenges.

In Teacher Peter’s opinion, this was simply impossible.

However, if it was because of the artifact, it would be more acceptable.

Edward thought so too.

Both of them saw a trace of certainty in each other’s eyes.

In fact, what they did not know was...

When Mike had cleared the 100th floor of the Tower of Challenges, he had yet to obtain the artifact.

However, that was not important.

Although there had been some errors in the process, they had indeed guessed the truth.

Edward immediately said,

“I hope you can investigate this matter in secret.

“If we can confirm that Mike is God Slayer, it will definitely be a very important trump card for the No. 1 High School in New York City.”

Determining the school that God Slayer attended was indeed the biggest event this year.

No, not just this year.

It might even be the most important event in the next ten or even fifty years.

Teacher Peter naturally knew the importance of this.

He nodded without saying anything and left the office.

Edward did not know what Teacher Peter would do.

As a teacher, Peter must have his own way.


On the other side.

As soon as Mike stepped into the classroom, the discussion in the classroom immediately stopped.

Everyone automatically looked at Mike.

Except for Blair.

Blair was no longer the arrogant person he had been in the beginning.

He was finally clear of his true position.

He used to think that Mike was just an ant compared to him.

However, now he found that.

He was the insignificant ant that could be killed easily.

So, he did not dare to provoke Mike.

He did not even have the courage to look Mike in the eye.

Blair felt guilty when he thought about what he had done to Mike.

If Mike wanted to get back at Blair for what he had done, it would be a piece of cake.

As soon as Mike came back, Blair was in a state of trepidation.

He tried to keep his head down to minimize his presence, for fear of attracting Mike’s attention.

As for Mike?

He did not care about Blair at all.

Just as Blair thought.

They were already people from two different worlds.

Mike was not interested in him at all.

After coming to the classroom, Mike walked straight to his seat and said in a normal volume,

“The principal said that we can go home after today’s report. Our next return to school will be notified via the next announcement.”

As he said this, he prepared to walk out of the classroom.

However, how could Little Fat Tom miss out on such a good opportunity to show off?

He immediately pulled Mike back and asked in a moderate voice,

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, don’t leave yet.

“Tell everyone, what did the headmaster reward you with?”

Hearing this, many students cast curious gazes at him.

Obviously, everyone wanted to know what kind of reward the person who obtained a divine artifact would receive.

Mike waved his hand and said casually,

“It’s nothing, it’s just a reward of 500,000 federation coins.”

To him, money was just a number.

He could earn money as he liked, and he did not need to think of any troublesome ways. All he had to do was forge some gold equipment.

Though to the other students, this news was undoubtedly a bombshell.

Even Blair, who had been hiding in his seat all this time, trembled unwillingly.

‘500,000 federation coins?

‘Are you kidding me?

‘When I activated my A-grade, the school only rewarded me with 10,000 federation coins.

‘The gap is too big!’

Although this news made Blair feel a huge psychological gap.

Nevertheless, this time, he did not dare to have any dissatisfaction.

Instead, he understood the gap between him and Mike more clearly.

Sure enough, the gap was 50 times the reward.

Mike then added on.

“Of course, the school can’t just give me money. Money is something that can be easily obtained once you have the ability.

“The most important reward will come in a year. The headmaster promised that when the new region and the big region merge, he will provide me with a lot of important sources. This is something that no amount of federation coins can compare to.”

As soon as Mike finished speaking, many students were already casting envious glances at him.

There were even a few pretty female students who were already thinking of ways to get close to Mike.

There were also some who had already surpassed the limits of envy and started to be jealous of Mike.

They felt that Mike had said all this just to show off.

Wasn’t he just lucky enough to get an artifact? What was there to be proud of.

Of course, they did not dare say these words out loud. They only dared to think about it in their hearts.

No one wanted to offend a classmate who had an artifact.

However, Mike’s words were not meant to show off.

These were his genuine thoughts.

He had said what he needed to say, and it satisfied the students’ curiosity.

Mike left the classroom and went home to log on to Second World.

He did not even look in Blair’s direction the whole time.

He was just an ant.