My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 104 - God Slayer and Mike, Who Was Stronger?

Chapter 104: God Slayer and Mike, Who Was Stronger?

Of course, Mike gladly accepted the proposal.

Originally, he could have reported that his harvests were ordinary.

The reason why he revealed a part of his strength, was it not for the reward given by the school?

After all, the No.1 High School in New York City was very wealthy.

The foundation of the school was very deep. It also had a very wide network of contacts and huge resources in Second World’s big region.

How could the reward given by such a school be bad?

Mike smiled and followed Teacher Peter out of the classroom.

After they left, the students in the classroom immediately began to discuss intensely.

“Isn’t Mike too strong? What did he experience in Second World?”

“I originally thought that Mike was lying when he said he had two legendary equipment. I didn’t expect that… In the end, my imagination is too poor.”

“It seems that we are destined to be different from Mike. He even has a piece of divine artifact. This is a divine artifact we’re talking about!”

“By the way, does anyone know what Mike’s ID is? I’m really curious.”

“Speaking of which, with Mike’s strength, he can definitely become the number one expert in the new region, right?”

“Wait, number one expert? I remember everyone saying that God Slayer is the number one expert in the new region. Which one of them is more powerful?”

“I think Mike is stronger. After all, he has a divine artifact.”

Hearing the discussions of his classmates, Little Fat Tom in the corner revealed a knowing smile.

‘Who’s stronger, Mike or God Slayer?

‘Hilarious. They’re the same person.’

Tom really wanted to say this out loud to show off, but he held back.

After all, Mike might not want others to know. As Mike’s good friend, he would definitely help him hide it.

However, it felt very uncomfortable to not be able to show off.

So, he turned his gaze to Blair, who was sitting in his seat without saying a word.

“Yo, Blair, why are you silent? This isn’t like you.”

Tom said sarcastically without any mercy.

Blair, on the other hand, showed an angry and embarrassed expression.

However, he could not muster any words to refute.

After all, he had sworn before that Mike was definitely bragging.

However, the truth gave him a merciless slap.

Not only was he not bragging, he even concealed his strength.

There was nothing more embarrassing than this for Blair.

The others also felt very relieved when they saw Tom taunting Blair like this.

After all, Blair usually relied on his good family background to bully people everywhere and never put others in his eyes.

Other than his underlings, no one was willing to get along with him.

Even they were only doing it for the benefits provided by Blair.

Little Fatty Tom continued,

“Weren’t you very arrogant before? You thought that you were so amazing just because you activated an A-grade talent, but now?

“Hurry up and take a look at your own situation. You can’t compare to Mike at all!”

When Blair heard these words, his face turned completely red, just like a large piece of pig liver.

He retorted fiercely,

“So what if I can’t compete with Mike? Do you think you’re qualified to talk to me?

“I want to squash you to death, just like squashing an ant.”

Teacher Peter was not around, so Blair dared to threaten Tom so blatantly.

However, when Tom heard this blatant threat, he instead revealed an exaggerated and disdainful laugh.

“You want to squash me to death?

“I think you still don’t understand the current situation.”

Tom’s confidence made Blair feel very uncomfortable.

However, he could not help but retort,

“What’s wrong? I remember that you only activated a B-grade talent, right? Would it be difficult for me to squash you to death?”

Blair forced out a smile, trying to make himself appear to be at ease.

However, this smile looked even uglier than crying.

That was because it was difficult for him to smile in his current mood.

Tom, on the other hand, extinguished his pride with a smile.

“You’re really too pathetic. You’re still clinging to the matter of your talent.

“Can’t you see that Mike has developed so well even with his D-grade talent?

“Moreover, you want to harm me. Haven’t you considered the thoughts of my good brother Mike?

“I’m afraid that before you can even make a move, Mike will be able to squeeze you to death ten times.”

Hearing this, Blair totally lost his ability to laugh.

Sure enough, everyone in the class knew how good of a relationship Tom and Mike had.

If Blair wanted to touch Tom, Mike would definitely not ignore him.

Under such circumstances, would Blair dare to make a move?

Definitely not.

Even if his family had some money, he would not dare to go against someone with artifacts.

Mike was destined to be a big shot in this world.

However, he was just a rich second generation with some stinky money.

No, with his family’s little assets, he was not even considered a rich second generation.

Thinking of this, Blair sat down again, with his head down in anger, not daring to speak.

Tom, on the other hand, sat back in his seat like a soldier who had won a battle.

He was naturally happy that his good brother had developed well.

Moreover, because of Mike’s strength, Tom could also show off to Blair. This feeling was amazing.

Now even Tom could not help but look forward.

What kind of reward would the headmaster give Mike?


On the other side, Mike followed Teacher Peter to Headmaster Edward’s office.

When Teacher Peter proposed to give Mike the highest reward, Edward frowned.

Because, on the talent activation day, the school had already given some rewards.

Those rewards were for students who had activated a talent above A-grade.

However, among those people, Mike was not one of them.

Although Edward could not remember all the students in the school.

He could still remember those who had activated an A-grade and above talent.

Moreover, Mike was not among these people.

This caused Edward to look at Teacher Peter with some dissatisfaction.

“Teacher Peter, you should know very well that the highest grade reward can’t be given easily, right?

“Even though Delia had activated her S-rank talent, I didn’t directly give her the highest grade reward.

“All of this depends on the students’ performance in the Second World.

“The school won’t give out such a reward easily unless it’s a particularly important achievement.”

Even though Edward knew that Teacher Peter should be very clear about this.

Yet, he still could not resist reminding him.

However, something unexpected happened.

Teacher Peter actually stared into Edward’s eyes with some excitement and said,

“Principal, I can say this with full responsibility.

“What happened to Mike can definitely be considered as a miracle, and it’s an unimaginable miracle!”