My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 103 - Mike Was Actually Keeping a Low Profile

Chapter 103: Bragging? No, No, No. Mike Was Actually Keeping a Low Profile

“If you want to refuse the test now, it’s not too late.”

Teacher Peter reminded him with a worried face.

He cared about Mike very much.

He did not want Mike to go astray.

At the same time, he also expressed understanding and support for Mike’s choice to give up Second World and start working instead.

However, he was a teacher after all.

He did not want Mike to do something wrong, such as lying.

If Mike could admit his mistakes, he would be happy about it.

However, after some thought, Mike did not refuse the test.

“I choose to accept the test.”

Mike said so.

He thought about it. Although he did not want his skill to be known by others, some things would be out in the open sooner or later.

This assessment was an opportunity for him to obtain many benefits.

Talent was important. Students who activated high-level talent would be rewarded by the school.

However, the purpose of talent was not to show off but to help in development.

In the end, it still depended on strength.

Talent was only a part of strength.

There were also many students who did not make good use of their talent after they obtained it. In the end, their development was not satisfactory.

Ultimately, this round of reporting still depended on comprehensive strength.

Moreover, Mike’s comprehensive strength was clearly enough to receive the important reward given by the school.

Although he did not know what the school would reward, there would be something for sure.

Mike did not want to give up on this reward.

Or rather, he did not need to hide his strength by retreating.

It would be too sullen to live like that.

Since that was the case, he might as well show his strength openly.


When Mike was lying on the data finder device, Blair was still mocking him.

“Even at this time, Mike is still trying to be brave. Doesn’t he know how hard it is to obtain legendary equipment?

“I want to see how embarrassed he will be later!”

The others did not say anything after hearing these words.

Only Little Fat Tom had a hint of confidence.

After all, he had personally seen how passionate the young master of Medieval Rose was toward Mike.

Other than Mike being very strong in Second World, there was almost no other explanation.

After Mike laid on the data finder device, the machine immediately began to respond.

“Testing in progress, please wait for a moment…”

Mike’s consciousness did not enter the space in the Second World but remained in reality.

He could clearly feel the reactions of the people around him.

Teacher Peter’s worry, Blair’s gloating, and the other students’ curiosity.

He was aware of everything.

At the same time, he knew very well that the following test result would definitely surprise them.

Soon, the test result was out.

The talent detector emitted an emotionless electronic sound.

“Talent: D-grade, slight passive enhancement”

“Race: human”

“Level: 39”

The machine was still reporting, but everyone was already showing shocked expressions.

‘Level 39?

‘How was that possible!

‘Didn’t he just say level 33?’

Everyone looked at Mike.

Mike himself was a little surprised, but he hid it well, so no one could tell.

Because he quickly realized that his clone should still be fighting monsters in the game to gain experience.

He was not expecting his clone to still exist after he left the game.

The ability given by the Evil God was already very strong.

Such a strong ability, with the support of an SSS-grade talent, could actually be this powerful.


This was Mike’s most intuitive feeling.

The data finder did not stop working because of the surprise of the people around him. It continued to report.

“Class: none.”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned again.

Mike had not changed his class yet?

It was really hard to understand.

After changing his class, he could clearly learn so many powerful skills, and he could also receive many quests from his class instructor.

Was there a reason why Mike chose not to change his class?

The following report made them have a guess, but at the same time, it shocked everyone.

“Legendary equipment quantity: two pieces.”

“Divine artifact: one piece.”

“What the f*ck?!”

Blair shouted in disbelief.

What did he hear?

Divine artifact?

Mike actually had a divine artifact?!

Mike himself could only smile helplessly at this moment.

In the end, his divine artifact could not be hidden.

However, fortunately, his ID and SSS-grade talent were not reported.

Perhaps it was to protect the player’s basic privacy, so his ID was not reported.

As for the talent…

Perhaps it was because of Mother Earth’s blessing interference.

In fact, Mike’s talent was D-grade. The reason why he could become SSS-grade was because of this Mother Earth’s blessing.

Plus, Mike had no idea what exactly this blessing was about.

He could only infer that it had something to do with his rebirth.

Perhaps he could get an answer in the future, but now, he needed to deal with the current matter.

After sitting up from the data finder device, Teacher Peter looked over with a surprised and uncertain gaze,

“What’s going on, Mike? You actually have two legendary equipment, and a divine one at that?!”

Teacher Peter did not want to ask about the level and class anymore.

He just wanted to know what the divine artifact was about.

However, Mike revealed a bitter smile and said,

“Teacher, I don’t want to talk about this.”

Divine artifact, Law.

At the moment, this was Mike’s biggest reliance apart from his talent.

Of course, he would not tell anyone.

He also had the right to not tell anyone.

No one was willing to reveal their trump card, so Teacher Peter naturally understood.

However, what made people feel extremely sad was that.

Everyone thought that Mike’s previous report was exaggerated and bragging.

However, the truth was that he had deliberately hidden his strength.

He was obviously level 39, but he deliberately said that he was level 33.

He had a divine artifact, but he only said that he had two pieces of legendary equipment.

This shocking result was only due to Mike’s low-key concealment of the truth.


It was too terrifying.

Everyone clearly realized that they were not the same as Mike.

He was a true expert, a true God’s favored son.

In the face of strength, the level of innate skills was nothing!

Teacher Peter said excitedly,

“Mike, follow me to the principal immediately!

“I want to tell him this good news as soon as possible!”