My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 102 - Mike’s Performance

Chapter 102: Mike’s Performance

Although the performance report was still ongoing, everyone was already a little disinterested.

After all, after listening to Blair’s report, everyone already knew that they were simply incomparable to him.

After a full half an hour of reporting, it finally came to the last row.

Little Fat Tom’s expression gradually became excited.

Because he was looking forward to his good friend, Mike, to report his results. He wanted to know what kind of reaction people would have.

Although it had nothing to do with him.

However, his good friend was doing good, and Tom felt proud.

Soon, the student sitting left to Mike had completed his report.

Tom was seated in the far right of the last row of the classroom.

Mike was sitting on Tom’s left.

In other words, according to the seating order, Tom should be the last to report, and Mike should be the second last to report.

At this time, Mike was just about to stand up when Teacher Peter spoke.

“Tom, you report first.”

Tom had a puzzled look on his face.

‘Shouldn’t Mike report first?

‘Why did Teacher Peter let me report first?’

However, he stood up without asking any more questions.

Peter’s idea was very simple.

Because he felt that Mike must have given up on walking the Second World path.

If Mike stood up and reported, he would feel embarrassed.

Moreover, if the students knew that Mike had given up on Second World and chose to do an ordinary job, they would definitely laugh at him.

Especially Blair.

Usually, when Blair bullied Mike, Peter could help stop him.

However now, Peter no longer had the power to do so.

Because Blair activated his A-grade talent, he was destined to become a master in Second World.

Peter could only continue to help Mike this way.

Soon, Little Fat Tom finished his report.

It was expected. There was nothing outstanding, but it was not bad either.

After listening to Tom’s report, everyone focused their attention on Mike.

They still remembered that Tom had said that Mike was developing very well in Second World.

It was impossible not to be curious.

However, Peter deliberately said,

“Well, the report ends here, students…”

To not make Mike feel awkward, he wanted to end this report and proceed to the next segment.

However, Tom suddenly stood up and said,

“Teacher, Mike hasn’t reported yet.”

The students also nodded.

It was about to be Mike’s turn. This was the highlight of the day, how could Teacher Peter interrupt it?

However, at this time, Blair found an opportunity and stood up and said loudly,

“Hahaha, he’s just a D-grade talent trash. What’s there to report? Anyway, it doesn’t matter whether he plays or not.”

His underlings immediately burst into laughter.

However, the other students looked at Blair with a strange expression.

It was as if they were looking at a fool.

Though, it was no wonder.

When Little Fat Tom said that Mike was developing very well, Blair and Teacher Peter had not arrived in the classroom.

Hence, it was normal that they did not know.

Blair also noticed this at this time.

Everyone looked at him with a strange look.

However, Blair did not feel that there was anything wrong with what he said.

He was just a D-grade talent player. Was there any difference between him and trash?

What was so good about this kind of trash’s report?

Peter frowned slightly and sighed,

“Mike, do you wish to report your situation?”

He decided to let Mike make his own choice.

Whether he would hide it or tell everyone that he had given up Second World and chose to live life off a normal job.

Mike smiled and nodded. He stood up and said,

“Friends, here is my report.

“The race I chose is the Human race. After a few days of playing the game, I have reached level 33…”

Hearing this, the crowd was in an uproar.

Level 33?

How was that possible?!

Teacher Peter also frowned slightly.

He could not understand why Mike could reach such a high level.

Blair shouted in surprise,

“Impossible, he’s lying!”

However, the others did not say a word.

They seemed to have accepted this fact.

In other words, if Mike had not developed well in the game, how could he be so rich now?

Something must have happened.

Mike completely ignored Blair’s interruption and continued,

“Other than my level, I now have two pieces of gold-colored legendary equipment. As for special skills… I forgot, there are too many of them.”

Mike specifically hid the fact that he had the divine artifact, Law.

This matter was better off not known by others.

However, just these things alone were already unbelievable.

Blair shouted,

“Impossible, absolutely impossible. Teacher Peter, he’s lying!”

Teacher Peter frowned slightly.

Although he really wanted to believe Mike, reporting false results was definitely intolerable.

After all, these results were their usual scores. Moreover, if anyone’s performance was too outstanding, the school would give that student a lot of rewards.

Obviously, Mike had reached the level where he was qualified to receive rewards.

Such results were definitely going to be investigated.

Teacher Peter asked seriously,

“Mike, you can’t say such things carelessly. Are you sure you’re telling the truth?

“If you tell me the truth now, I can forgive you.”

Mike nodded very firmly and said,

“Teacher, what I said is the truth.”

He knew that Teacher Peter did not believe him. This kind of thing would be hard to believe no matter where he went.

Teacher Peter sighed and said,

“In that case, we can only check your results. Can you accept the examination?”

Mike nodded and did not say anything.

Although he wanted to keep a low profile, he felt that there was no need to deliberately make himself sound mediocre.

He just had to say what the truth was.

As for the inspection, the school would have to wait until one year later to check his account.

After all, no teacher in the school could come to the new region.

Moreover, it was impossible to let the students inspect him.

If it was a year later, then he would only worry about it then.

However, Mike’s thoughts were too simple.

Because he did not know in his previous life that there was a machine in the school that was similar to a talent testing machine, which was a data finder.

As long as the player laid on it, the machine could display his information.

Mike’s face changed when Peter arranged for the school staff to bring the data finder to the classroom.

His biggest secret, his SSS-grade talent, could not be hidden anymore!