My Passive Skills are Invincible!

Chapter 101 - The Students’ Results

Chapter 101: The Students’ Results

Hearing Peter’s words, many of the students became dispirited.

After all, it was not easy to gain an advantage in Second World.

People all over the world played Second World, and there were as many 18-year-olds as there were stars.

It was almost impossible to stand out among so many people.

Most people’s performance could only be said to be ordinary, or even a little unimpressive.

A small number of people were a little excited.

Obviously, they had obtained some small advantages in Second World.

The most obvious one was Blair.

The depressed look he had just now was completely gone, replaced by strong confidence.

After all, in his opinion, as an A-grade talent expert, he was definitely the strongest person in the class.

Moreover, he had already trained to level 27 over the past three days. He felt that he definitely was the highest level in the class.

It was impossible for anyone to be higher than him.

Moreover, he also had a piece of blue equipment.

Although it was only a wrist guard, blue was still blue.

Green equipment was simply incomparable.

Thinking of this, he subconsciously looked back at Mike.

‘Although I can’t compete with you in terms of money.

‘But money is just a worldly thing after all.

‘Strength is the absolute truth.

‘Later, I want to see how you can compete with me!’

All of this is an illusion of Blair’s own wishful thinking.

In fact, Mike did not want to compete with him at all.

Because he was not worthy!

Not only Blair but in the entire Second World, how many people had the qualifications to compete with Mike?

He was a player who instantly killed the divine clone of Death God — Arthas

This was something that probably no one in the entire Second World could do.

He still maintained his casual appearance and quietly listened to the reports of his classmates.

“I chose the Elves. I’m level 24 now, and I have two pieces of green equipment on me. I’ve learned all the skills I can.”

The first student in the first row reported.

Peter nodded in satisfaction.

“Although it’s not very outstanding, at least it’s not bad. Keep it up.”

The second student stood up and said,

“I chose the Dwarves. I’m currently level 25 and only have one piece of green equipment on me, but I’ve already mastered the forging skill.”

Hearing this, Teacher Peter’s eyes lit up,

“That’s right. Forging skill is a very important life skill in Second World. Moreover, the Dwarves are very good at brewing wine and forging. It can be considered to be in line with the race’s characteristics. Did you think of practicing forging when you chose the Dwarves?”

The student smiled shyly and nodded.

His personality was more introverted. Indeed, he was not suitable for battle. However, the forging lifestyle was very suitable for him. It could be considered that he had walked a path that was suitable for himself.

Teacher Peter added,

“Students who don’t like fighting can learn from him. Practicing a life skill for a sub-occupation is also a good choice.”

Following that, each student took turns to stand up and reported their situation.

Some of them had good levels.

Some had good equipment.

Some even obtained a skill book and learned a special skill.

One had to know that special skills were very hard to come by in Second World. It was a rare opportunity.

If they sold it, they could often earn a lot of money.

However, most of them would choose to learn the skill for themselves.

After all, whether or not they were doing well in Second World completely determined their status in real life.

Unless they were especially tight on money, otherwise, no one would ruin their future for federation coins.

At this time, it was Blair’s turn to report.

Many students turned their heads and cast curious gazes.

After all, Blair was the only student in the class who had activated his A-grade talent. His gains were definitely much greater than the others.

As expected, Blair said confidently,

“I chose the Troll race!”

Hearing this, the entire classroom immediately fell silent.

Even Teacher Peter frowned slightly.

He asked in puzzlement,

“Why did you make such a choice?”

Trolls were characterized by their fast attack speed and slightly stronger physical attributes. They were obviously more suitable for the warrior class.

However, the talent that Blair activated was excellent flame affinity.

Normally if one were to make a choice, the Human or Elves race was obviously more suitable.

Judging from the attributes panel, the Humans and Elves were obviously more suitable for the mage class than Trolls.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Blair felt very satisfied.

He said,

“I chose this on purpose because the mages’ weakness is their close combat ability and weak physical attributes.

“After I chose this race, even if I am close to someone, I can still slightly block them and then find an opportunity to widen the distance.

“Although I will not fully maximize myself as a fire mage, it is more balanced.”

After listening to Blair’s words, the students finally came to a realization.

Teacher Peter also nodded slightly.

Although this method was a bit moderate, it still had some redeeming qualities.

“It seems that you have seriously thought about the path you want to take. I support you.”

After Teacher Peter expressed his support, Blair continued to say proudly,

“After I chose the Troll race, I’ve been working hard to improve my strength. I’ve been playing for more than 18 hours a day.

“Now, I’ve reached level 27, and I have one blue equipment and two green equipment!”

At this point, everyone exclaimed in surprise.

“Oh my god, so this is an expert with an A-grade talent? He’s too strong.”

“We can’t compete with him at all.”

“He’s only played for three days, and he already has blue equipment. Moreover, his level is too high.”

“Didn’t you hear what Blair just said? He plays 18 hours a day!”

“He’s too hard-working. I can’t compete with him at all.”

Listening to everyone’s discussion, Blair’s face was full of pride.

Although he only played 18 hours because he was forced by his parents, ultimately, he really did spend those hours.

Level was the best proof.

He looked at Mike proudly, hoping to see the surprise on his face.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed. Mike was not listening.

This detail was also seen by Peter.

Peter was even more certain that Mike did not play Second World over the past three days. He must have worked.

No wonder he did not care about matters related to Second World.

Peter thought for a moment and commented,

“Dear students, from this point, it can be seen that student Blair is indeed very hardworking.

“Although he is usually a little mischievous, he doesn’t fall behind in serious matters at all.

“I hope that all of you can learn from him.

“Of course, 18 hours a day is still a little too much. I hope that student Blair will have sufficient rest every day.

“You can work hard, but don’t work too hard. You’ll tire your body out.”

Blair nodded his head proudly and sat down.

He could not help but think that no one in the class could be better than him, right?

‘No, I’m afraid that it will be difficult to find someone that’s better than me in the entire school!’