Legend of Concubine's Daughter Minglan

Chapter 243: Honeymoon (3)

Chapter 243: Honeymoon (3)

Translator: Iris

Gu Tingye rested his head on the pillow again. After a while, he claimed that Minglan could do his children’s work.

“How can I do that?” Minglan who was stunned disagreed with him right away. She claimed that she was a good wife who kept to the Female Virtues a lot. If Old Madam Sheng knew about this, she would punish Minglan by requiring her to transcribe the Women’s Commandments.

“We can do it secretly. No one would know.”

“I am not a kid. You are not afraid that you’ll be trampled to death?” Minglan frightened him with her eyes squinted.

Gu Tingye held Minglan up right away to weigh her. Then he said that there would be no problem. As he urged Minglan to do it right away, he even started to take off her socks. Then her two chubby pink feet and ten plump toes were exposed right away. Minglan, teeth gritted, held the handrails on top of the bed and stepped on the man’s back gingerly.

At first, Minglan only dared to put one foot on his back. However, the man said that she was too gentle. Then, Minglan got so angry that she put both of her feet on his back, thinking, ‘Well, if you still think my strength is not enough, I’ll do a rabbit dance on your back! Let’s see how you’ll react!’

The man’s back was very wide with flat muscles. Minglan trampled him very steadily. Meanwhile, she also used her toes to poke him, her soles to press him and her heels to knead him. Gu Tingye squinted his eyes, seeming to be very comfortable.

There was a hot spring with medical herbs for them to bathe, all kinds of highly nutritious stews for them to eat in the early summer and cool beverages which had been made from wild honey and fresh fruit for them to drink. Their meals included stewed young pigeons with ginseng and jujubes, stewed shrimp with fishskin in the Long Jing Tea, steamed chicken with bamboo shoots and cubilose, cold jellyfish skin and lettuce with sauce, omasum soup with cabbage... Some of the dishes were light while others were mellow. Even smelling those dishes would make the mouth water.

After two or three days, the man’s energy was restored right away. All his tiredness was swept away. Not only that, he was even more energetic than usual. Then he started to look at Minglan who seemed fatigued again with a meaningful look.

Minglan’s ear suddenly shivered.

Gu Tingye, a man in the prime of life, hadn’t had sex for a long time. Now that Minglan’s period was over, he then stopped restraining himself anymore. Before it got dark, he already began to drive Minglan to the bed. At first, Minglan was quite passionate too. The man’s reaction to her passion was even more stunning. She then felt that if it were not for cycle use, he would eat her alive. After the first few days, Minglan finally couldn’t stand that anymore and had to call it off with tears.

While Minglan was in a daze, she lowered her head to her chest with her hands around her head. The man’s black and thick hair had already been wet through by sweats. Both of them were exhaling in raucous voices. She felt her body limp and numb as if she had turned into a pond of water and could only call him “My honey, my second uncle” over and over again as well as any sweet words she could think of to let him stop.

As their breaths went steady, Gu Tingye let out a heavy breath. Then he started to kiss on Minglan’s burning hot body. When he approached her face, he said in a raucous and heavy voice, “My poor baby, why are you crying? Don’t you enjoy it?”

Minglan lay on the bed limp and weak. She felt as if all her strength had been taken away and uttered the words brokenly in a low voice, “... We should do it less often. My waist is aching...”

“Let’s go and bathe in the hot spring. That’ll help you to heal.” Gu Tingye kneaded her tender breasts which were as smooth as the goat milk and said that.

Minglan’s face got burning again. She shook her head like crazy and buried her head in the satin quilts. Last time she was held up in the hot spring by him, after which they had sex on the stone by the spring for two hours. Ever since then, she never wanted to bathe in the hot spring anymore.

Luckily, the emperor hadn’t given Gu Tingye too many days off. After a few days, they both returned to their mansion.

Technically speaking, this time they had watched flowers and birds(domestic) and climbed half of a hill(in the back of the estate) together. However, Gu Tingye had also agreed to take her to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise. That plan had fallen through. Anyway, they had already held each other’s hands and gone sightseeing together, which meant this trip could be regarded as their honeymoon.

Minglan suddenly remembered her cousin in her previous life. That woman planned a perfect honeymoon for six days in the Hainan Island. As result, the moment she came back, she asked Yao Yiyi to help her retouch a set of photos right away-- During her honeymoon, she had been so busy with ‘something’ and never gone to any scenic spot.

Perhaps most of people spent their honeymoon like this. Minglan finally understood that.

On the way home, Gu Tingye rode on a horse with a joyful look on his face. Sometimes he would point to the scenery on the road and utter a few words. Minglan hid in the coach and pretended to sleep. She lay on the cotton-padded mattress, having no intention to say a word. As the coach entered the gate of the Cheng Manor, Minglan got on a sedan chair. When she raised her head, she saw Gu Tingye standing by the festoon door. Right now, this man was looking at her with a meaningful look. She didn’t know why she felt a bit guilty. Then her face went extremely red as if it were about to bleed.

Soon after they entered the room, before Minglan helped Gu Tingye take off his jade hat inlaid with gold, someone rushed to the door to report. The one that had come was Mama Xiang. Although the look on her face seemed worried, she still remained collected. She said that the people in Marquis Ningyuan’s mansion needed Gu Tingye and Minglan to be there right now and that they’d better hurry up.

Minglan was quite confused. However, Gu Tingye who stood beside her didn’t ask anything and only said calmly, “It must be something urgent, I won’t ask anything then. Mama Xiang, please go back now. We’ll go there after we change our clothes.”

Mama Xiang gave an obeisance and dismissed herself.

While Minglan changed her underwear in the inner room, Qinsang slipped into the room quietly with an anxious look. Then she approached Minglan and whispered, “Madam, the third day after you left our mansion, there were some officials taking the people from Marquis Ningyuan’s mansion into custody!”

Minglan felt a tingle in her forehead and got nervous right away. Her first reaction was to look at Gu Tingye. She observed him through the gap between the bamboos of the curtain, finding him sitting upright on the bed with a peaceful look while letting Xiahe and Xiazhu take off his boots.